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S.F. / CH-Feusisberg, Counselor Self-Employed

Due to a professional re-orientation I wanted more clarity as to whether the new direction that I wanted to take would suit me at all. A friend recommended me to get in touch with Iris Patricia Furer.
For me this Conscious Coaching method was something to getting used to first, but from the beginning I had the feeling of being in good hands and so I have simply engaged in it. I have never regretted to do so, although the sessions were not always easy for me and for sure very deep. Iris Patricia Furer has a sensitive, respectful and appreciative way to guide through the depths of the soul and so I could face my fears and insecurities, and I felt after each session to have been rewarded for my future life and bit by bit I came to myself and my true identity.
Of course, the old patterns do not cease at once, but I recognize them more often and I can consciously choose an altered, new way, that I ‘ve worked out with the help of Iris.
I’m still not sure where this changed awareness will lead me professionally in the end – the process is not yet complete. Maybe in a completely different direction than I thought at the beginning. That’s ok for me. The Conscious Coaching gave me the courage to trust myself and to not condemn my « head resident », the eternal critic, instead to discover its beneficial characteristics and how to use them. I think that’s a great gain – both professionally and personally.
I appreciate Iris as Conscious Coach also particularly because she is very authentic and clear and has a rich methodological fundus, with which she creatively and flexibly addresses the current needs and handles any issues in coaching. And laughter and tears, peace and vigor, strength and weakness, letting go, preserve, cherish … everything has its place in her coaching. As in real life. Because that’s the point.
Thank you very much for your in every sense loving support and assistance, dear Iris!
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