Conscious Coaches offer you the support that will carry you beyond your old limitations to achieve your dearest aspirations – to fully step into your power and act with the confidence and strength that will make you the greatest success you can be

Imagine the thrill of working with other people that are no longer holding back their best abilities, together exploring new, unknown markets challenges and opportunities. The experience of achieving the unthinkable by just giving it your best, without fear, doubt or judgement holding you back.

Our Conscious Coaches have experienced this themselves and can guide you towards experiencing it in your life.

For individual leaders

The asset is you

You are your most important business asset! And in order to use that asset effectively, you must know yourself.

You may simply desire more clarity in decision-making, or you may wish to fulfil your potential. With conscious leadership work, you will be able to discover just how your internal operating system works, and turn that knowledge into effective action.

Gain clarity on your purpose, your values and your strategies. CLC can facilitate you in identifying exactly what is needed in any leadership situation, as well as any inner conflicts that limit your performance in those situations. CLC takes this to a whole new level, inviting you to turn the spotlight not only outwards, but also inwards to your modes of being.

Upgrade your personal operating system by clearing out disempowering beliefs and vows, replacing them with new empowering beliefs, facing and resolving irrational fears, and connecting yourself with your inner strength.

Experience profound levels of self-acceptance and self-responsibility, Find out what really drives you, and identify how to manifest your deepest needs in healthy, empowered ways.

By facing and embracing your inner reality, you will be able to eliminate compulsive needs to impress, to gain approval or respect, to control, to use knowledge to defend yourself, to rebel or to comply. You will learn to stand as your true self, increasingly free of the drives and fears which used to control you.

For teams

Customised in-house workshops

CLC facilitates profound insights and experiential awareness of how the team or whole organisation operates. Healthy communication is facilitated, and issues are exposed and resolved. Your teams can train in respectful feedback practices to promote healthy insight, sharing of information, and subjective realities – all effective group work.

Neither “command and control” nor “decision by committee” management approaches are adequate to produce the quality of solutions which are called for in the conditions of today. In conscious leadership, clarity and embodied inner  wisdom inform effective decision making, and permit solutions of a different order to be derived.

Through conscious leadership coaching, you and your team members will access increased sensitivity to the needs and dynamics of your team, allowing different perspectives to be heard while focusing energy towards agreed values and practices, rather than towards managing conflicts and internal competition.

By eliciting your team's dynamics in human need areas such as control, security and approval, team members will be able to understand and resolve the root of previous conflicts. The energy which is liberated by resolving conflicts can be converted to effective progress for your business, with authentic cooperation, clear objectives and more harmonious interaction.