coming to peace with the new normal

In your professional role, do you feel distressed with regards to

  • ever new changes that need to be implemented
  • the ever growing and overwhelming workload
  • the lack of time to peacefully dive into a topic to develop something new
  • conflicting strategies in matrix organisations
  • challenging professional and personal relationships
  • the constant overflow of emails, news, chats that need to be dealt with
  • one meeting after the other – and no time to focus on your goals?

“No one can step into the same water twice”
(Heraclitus 500 b.C.)

In this workshop, you will learn about the 7 aspects of resilience. You dive deep into each aspect, gaining extensive insights and learning how to deal with your mind and emotions. You discover unhealthy beliefs and replace them with supportive ones. You learn how to focus on priorities and transform them into realistic steps in life. You explore your challenges and possible solutions in a proactive and innovative way.

You define for yourself what to focus on in order to increase your resilience so that you can deal with both professional and personal challenges in a more relaxed and healthy way.

And as a team lead, you identify steps to help your team grow.

This workshop can take place offline and online.

Please note: Resilience training can perfectly be combined with profilingvalues.
If you want to learn more, contact Astrid or Iris.

As this journey of change takes time, you will have an individual hour of coaching after 4-6 weeks after the workshop.

If you take this resilience workshop as a team, you have a great opportunity to grow as a team, to cooperate in more openness and honesty, supporting each other with more understanding, empathy and commitment.

Key benefits

  • Enhance awareness of self
  • Learn to deal with your mind and emotions
  • Deal healthily with different aspects of change 
  • Identify your focus points to become more resilient

Your resilience expert

CLC Partner Astrid Gerhard-Kraemer has been supporting  global corporations like Bayer and others, on various locations around the world, with resilience training services for over a decade.

Feedback from a participant

"The program stopped me from getting a burn-out - at the very last moment. I am very grateful that I could work with this new method. And since I have learnt that everything can only be really good if I am honest from the bottom of my heart, my relationship with other people has developed beyond expectations. I have also learnt to take care of my uniqueness and to always include my heart - the effect is much more truthful."

A.M. Crop Protection Industry

"Resilience is the strength and speed of our response to adversity 
– and we can build it."

Sheryl Sandberg, Option B