In your professional role, do you feel distressed with regards to

  • ever new changes that need to be implemented
  • the ever growing and overwhelming workload
  • the lack of time to peacefully dive into a topic to develop something new
  • conflicting strategies in matrix organisations
  • challenging professional and personal relationships
  • the constant overflow of emails, news, chats that need to be dealt with
  • one meeting after the other – and no time to focus on your goals?

“No one can step into the same water twice”
(Heraclitus 500 b.C.)

As this journey of change takes time, you will have an individual hour of coaching after 4-6 weeks after the workshop.

If you take this resilience workshop as a team, you have a great opportunity to grow as a team, to cooperate in more openness and honesty, supporting each other with more understanding, empathy and commitment.

Key benefits

  • Enhance awareness of self
  • Learn to deal with your mind and emotions
  • Deal healthily with different aspects of change 
  • Identify your focus points to become more resilient