Lars Hornborg

Certified Conscious Coach, certified presenter of leadership and personal development workshops organised by CLC, professionally trained in MBSR/MBCT, accredited Journey Practitioner, certified Open Space facilitator, certified Four Rooms of Change facilitator. Working professionally as coach and facilitator with corporate clients on both individual and group levels. Accustomed to working at executive level in organizations. Extensive experience of leadership development and change facilitation.

"Few situations in life provide such opportunities for intense awareness and presence as when working with leadership development and change. This is at the core of my involvement in CLC – wanting to develop Conscious Coaching services and to offer them around the globe."

 My background is in Computer Science and IT, with 25+ years of experience as business owner in the IT sector. Consultant in specialist, generalist, management and executive roles, including executive position in public IT corporation. Last 20 years focus on leadership and change issues in organizations. Professional work as facilitator, coach and leader for hire since 2006. Corporate clients often in IT-sector. Specialized in revitalizing organizations and projects battling with rigidity, disempowerment and negativity.

"I’m passionate about guiding individuals and groups out of closedness and fear into openness and trust. I love meeting the no-sayers of this world on their terms, with respect, really listening to all that they can contribute with, in the understanding that their experience is invaluable."

City: Växjö
Country: Sweden
Languages: Swedish, English, (German)
Profession: Consultant, workshop presenter, change facilitator
Focus on: Change, workshop facilitation, leadership and group development
Skype: hornborg
Mobile: +46-70-5857046