Stepping Up - Being in the Spotlight

Imagine you need to give a presentation - you have to face a stressful discussion in your native or a foreign language, and you know that you have all the language and technical skills to deal with these challenges, but your mind tells you differently. It tells you that you are not good enough and that you have nothing to say.

You have experienced that when you are not fully clear, you even stutter around and do not find the right words. Sometimes your reactions are too slow – and only in hindsight, you know exactly what would have been the right response.

Being confronted with challenging situations is a nightmare for you as you neither have the tools nor the self-confidence to deal with them. And so far, you have failed to convince others on so many occasions.

What you can do about it

Neuroscience has found that we are able to let go of destructive beliefs and set new goals enhanced by supportive beliefs. Thus, we can boost our self-confidence and confront any situation.

Key benefits

  • gain the communicative tools to confront your situation 
  • get rid of inner blocks holding you back
  • become aware of your worth, your abilities, your strengths
  • become aware of your cultural imprint and its impact
  • accept vulnerability as being part of a successful life

So, what if you were confident, came up with good solutions, could know that you will achieve your goals, always found the right arguments, were fully motivated and committed to confront whatever situation came up for you? 

“Yes, I can step up, be in the spotlight, get my conviction across and achieve my goals!”


How it works

This initiative can be conducted as an individual coaching course offline and/or online. It can also be offered as a workshop for up to 6 people. 

After a detailed needs analysis, we will discuss the best proposal suitable for you. It’s goal-oriented and time efficient. You will achieve your goals fast.

Prerequisite: you are willing to share your experiences, be open to step out of your comfort zone and have a keen interest to change your mindset.

Feedback from participants

"It turned out to be a very valuable German got gradually better and my self-awareness in my new role in the unfamiliar country increased significantly."
Marijn Dekkers, CEO (until 2016) Bayer AG

"What I liked first of all is the fact that I could take the coaching in my mother tongue, Spanish. It was facilitated in a simple and eloquent way, which helped me to quickly build trust, gain confidence and to be able to share experiences and find solutions.
Due to the coaching, I have been able to improve my communication skills with regard to my personal and my professional life."

C.L. Crop Protection Industry