About Us

Conscious Leadership Coaching is here for you when you feel that your organisation doesn’t perform at its best abilities.

Everything we do and offer is focused on healthy leadership and healthy, successful organisations

Combining cutting edge personal growth tools with highly effective coaching in compliance with ICF guidelines, our team of Conscious Coaches facilitate leadership development to support this – on both individual and group levels.

We support you in developing both traditional metrics and other aspects of your business

6-12 months after having worked with us, our clients are sharing how profit margins have increased from 7% to 14%, how productivity has increased by 25%, how vision and alignment means the CEO can now work strategically while his team leaders ensure that work progresses – just some examples of how leadership development with CLC is ultimately about healthy and often necessary business improvement.

Empowering individuals in the workplace

It all starts with individuals being able to truly use their talents and passion in the fullest sense of the word, working together to achieve the vision and common purpose of the organisation. We are able to help

  • you let go of anything that holds you and your people back in fully contributing from that place of talent and passion,
  • the individuals in your organisation to continue their journey towards excellence by training them to recognise how to express themselves best in their work and life.

In summary: Conscious Leadership Coaching helps you develop your organisation in a sustainable, healthy direction. Contact us to explore how this may happen for you and your people.