How it works

Profilingvalues is based on a 20-25 minutes online query. A simple and straight forward ranking of items. It is available in English, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Czech, Croatian, and Slovenian. Read more below.

Report formats for individuals

Profilingvalues Basic Report – example Donald

LER – Leadership Excellence Report – example Anna

Key benefits 

  • Provides an objective, scientific, and highly efficient view of your personality, and your leadership qualities, based on your core values
  • Gives valuable insight in your strengths, your blind spots, and in your potential for growth
  • Creates a solid starting point and focus for your coaching goals
  • Offers opportunity to measure progress over time

Your profilingvalues expert

Iris Patricia Furer is licensed master for profilingvalues, and has been using this tool successfully for many years with clients in Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands and France. 

The difference to other assessment tools

Instead of assessing at the level of your behaviour, profilingvalues measures the "inner values" of you as a human being. So the results are significantly more relevant, reliable and accurate. For your personal and professional growth as well as for any leadership potential and development purpose.