Arna Vliegen-Verschure

I grew up in a family with a farm in the fruit sector. The basic motto was: roll up your sleeves and build your business. I studied Horticulture and have a Bachelor degree.

Both the field of industry and education I know from the inside. The problems that can play there I know all too well. Precisely because I have been searching for what could help me to make it easier to deal with stress. So I can easily keep several balls in the air: work, family, household, social relations, family obligations. It sometimes seemed like a chore. How not to take work home as a ballast? How not to take the load (literally) on your shoulders? How to prevent burn out? 

Personally, I know the challenges of life very well. The pressure that you can feel in business or education sometimes imposes the dilemma in which you can get mixed up and as a result lose your flexibility.

I love to serve people living life fully. Running around combining, work, family, and other things together. People with difficulties in their jobs or combining all tasks or in finding a good balance in daily life.

I love to help people to become better, in their profession and in their well being. Supporting people with their daily life challenges. Support people who are ready to invest in themselves and are ready to look in the mirror. Being honest and open to the wisdom inside.

City: Neerijnen, West Betuwe
Country: The Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English, German
Profession: Coach, Trainer, Journey practitioner
Focus on: helping people with a burn out back on track again
Skype: ArnaVliegen
Phone: +31-6-57344665
Mobile: +31-6-57344665