Berna Sillessen

Every organization is in fact a continuous process in which every individual plays an important role and influences the whole. To generate energy and impulse in any organization, every individual has to realize their full potential – awareness of one’s talents and possibilities.

In my career I have organized and managed many projects and gained a lot of experience as manager and coach. Through experience I have come to the understanding that everything happening in a human life is the best thing that possibly can happen. For every moment is a moment from which we can learn. 

With this insight and a great deal of love, respect, enthusiasm and humor, I try to create an environment in which people can learn how to live effortlessly. Intuition and spiritual freedom give us what we need to become who we want and need to be. When this goal is realized on a personal level, it will in my opinion affect the entire organization: change and evolution will come naturally.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Labourmarket Politics and Personnel Policy and followed courses on consulting, coaching, management & finance. I worked as a HR-officer and –manager, director, board member, consultant, coach and trainer in various organizations.

As coach and manager I strive for continuous development – for the people I coach and for myself as well. I regard everything that comes on my path with curiosity and an open mind and attend courses and trainings every year. Every new event is a possibility, a chance.

City: Groningen
Country: the Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English, German
Profession: Coach, manager
Mobile: +31 6 29468765