Open Space Workshop Facilitation

"Harnessing the power of the coffee break"

Harrison Owen developed Open Space Technology (OST) as a direct result of feedback after a large and successful international symposium he had organised, where delegates rated the coffee breaks as the most important ingredient in the event. 

This inspired him to create a workshop format where delegates decide which topics to discuss and self-organize this in work groups. 

Workshops using Open Space Technology work equally well regardless of size, from a handful to thousands of delegates.

Engagement & results

Engagement and results are secured through the process, where delegates

  • identify the important questions and topics
  • decide how much time to allocate to a specific question
  • set and manage priorities
  • create and take ownership of action plans

Key benefits

  • Method guarantees high level of engagement in every delegate
  • Authentic and genuine invitation to be creative and contribute
  • Highly efficient framework to address complex questions and generate answers from different perspectives
  • Scalable from a handful to thousands of delegates

Sample video

The video is a condensed overview of an Open Space workshop facilitated by CLC partner Lars Hornborg. A brief description of this particular assignment at Platform GEEF, located at NHL Stenden University, can be found here.