Our services

Coaching individuals and teams                          

Everybody likes to function well. It is our experience that blocks in the individual (e.g. fear, limiting beliefs) or the systems in which he/she works (e.g. lack of feedback) prevent people from functioning at their best. How to take right action for yourself and the organisation, by removing blocks and inspiring people is the main purpose of our coaching. Themes we work with from the point of view of the individual are leadership, role fulfillment, empowering others and working interculturally in integrity. From the point of view of the team, the themes are working with colleagues, communicating effectively, project-management, finding creative solutions to problems.

Facilitating change and development

Times, people, environments, political climates, and markets change. Businesses that thrive respond creatively to change by changing themselves. In order to help change to take place we support individuals and teams by getting clear what changes need to be made. In sharing your experience it becomes clear how changes are perceived, their relevance for you, your organisation and how to realize this change. Other themes we can support organizations with are empowerment, vision/mission development, co-operation, teambuilding and creative problem solving.


When there is a lack of capacity (e.g. training, skills) to continue the business or realise the change to prepare your organisation for the future, CLC can provide the needed leadership. Our interim-management is primarily people and process oriented. If content is needed we have partners with experience in IT, HR, Communications, Healthcare and Arts.

Training and workshops

When employees don’t have the necessary pre-requisites for good performance in their present or future function, we can support you in developing them. All of our training and workshops are tailor-made with a focus on people (behaviour) and process. The reason for this approach is that no two organisations or groups of people are alike. The themes we work with are leadership, intercultural working, presentation skills, job application and career-development.

Health management (vision and implementation)

Health is a state in which everything functions well and is in balance. When sickness presents itself (individually or in groups) it is useful to look for the cause creating it. Prevention focuses on becoming aware of the risks within the organisation creating sickness and how to rebalance in order to make everything function well again.

CLC can offer you support in reducing employee absenteeism and preventing accidents by creating and implementing tailor-made solutions.

Advice and expertise

As advisors and experts we support you or your employees in finding your own answers. You are the expert of your own situation. For lasting solutions it is best to let those who are part of the problem find the way to solve it. If lack of knowledge is the problem, we will point you in a direction where to find this knowledge. Our fields of expertise are ICT, HR-management and development, Education, Law, Business Administration, Healthcare, Theater/TV production, Architecture, Design and Arts.

Development of tailor-made solutions

How an issue appears in your organisation may seem similar to that of another organisation. The contexts in which it appears can vary: different employees, different leaders, different rules and cultures. The variety of different contexts requires other ways to look at and solve the issue. During our first meeting we will talk with you about the issue you want to solve and explore the context in which it appears. This may give you new perspectives on the problem and guide you to the solution that fits your organisation best.

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