For teams

Customised in-house workshops

CLC can facilitate profound insights and experiential awareness of how the team or whole organization operates. Healthy communication from a place of authenticity is facilitated, and issues are exposed and resolved. Your teams can train in truly respectful feedback practices to promote healthy insight, sharing of information, and subjective realities – all promoting effective group work.

Neither “command and control” nor “decision by committee” management approaches are alone adequate to produce the quality of solutions which are called for in the volatile conditions of today. In conscious leadership, unattached clarity and embodied inner wisdom inform effective decision making, and permit solutions of a different order to be derived.

Through conscious leadership coaching you and your team members will access greatly increased sensitivity to the needs and dynamics of your team, allowing different perspectives to be heard while focusing energy towards agreed values and practices, rather than towards managing egoic conflicts and internal competition.

By eliciting your team´s dynamics in human need areas such as control, security and approval, team members will be able to understand and resolve the root of previous conflicts. The energy which is liberated by resolving conflicts in this way can be converted to effective progress for your business, with authentic cooperation, clear objectives and more harmonious interaction.

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