For individual leaders

The asset is you

You are your most important business asset! It is also true that to use that asset effectively, you must know yourself.

You may simply desire more clarity in decision-making, or you may desire to fulfil your potential, to the highest level, holding yourself accountable as a true example of congruent leadership. With conscious leadership work, you will be able to discover just how your internal operating system works, down to fundamental levels, and turn that knowledge into effective action.

Gain clarity on your purpose, your values and your strategies. CLC can facilitate you in identifying exactly what you want in any leadership situation, and also identify precisely whatever inner conflicts are limiting your performance in those situations. CLC takes this to a whole new level inviting you to turn the spotlight not only outwards to your life but also inwards to your modes of being.

Upgrade your personal operating system by clearing out false disempowering beliefs and vows, replacing them with new congruent empowering beliefs, facing and resolving irrational fears, and connecting you with your inner strength.

Experience profound degrees of self-acceptance and self-responsibility, stopping the victim and blame cycles which introduce inefficiency and friction among your colleagues. Find out what really drives you and identify how to manifest your deepest needs in healthy empowering ways.

By facing and embracing your inner reality, you will be able to eliminate compulsive needs to impress, to fake success and power, to gain approval or respect, to dominate, to control, to use knowledge to defend yourself, to be different, to rebel or to comply. You will learn to stand as your true self, increasingly free of the drives and fears which used to control you.

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