Extended leadership programs

From 1 person to 1000, or more …

CLC can deliver a full range of leadership coaching and training, from half-day mini-workshops to extended programs lasting over a year or more, including both one-on-one coaching and group activities.

CLC can also train your staff to facilitate ongoing transformation in your organisation. The peak experiences in the seminar room are powerfully transformative, and to keep momentum going, we can help you implement cultural practices in the workplace, so that your staff continue to enjoy the benefits and experience of conscious leadership on a consistent basis.

Whatever your needs, CLC is able to facilitate greater effectiveness and fulfilment in your organisation.

This can be intense work, and if you are willing to truly open to dramatic shifts in your organisations culture, CLC will help you get there.

Example of topics for a conference seminar or topics included in a customised program:

Passion – what do you love doing? Clear away that which prevents you from communicating and living your passion.

Abundance – change feelings of lack to a sense of abundance and possibilities.

Community – create connection by forging fellowship and cooperation within your group, or between departments, or towards customers.

Vision – What is actually true about what drives you and your organisation?

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