Pilot – Conscious coaching as business plan support


… at international company Turnils of Sweden with their Market Support Department. This pilot was designed to support a group with delivering the results planned for in an extensive business plan change.

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The program was designed to elicit issues on all levels meaning the division between personal and professional realms was erased.

For the delegates this meant allowing willingness and ability for emotional exposure, as well as understanding the link between the personal realm and the professional.

The issue of not expressing your ideas – fear of exposure and judgement is stopping you. The workshop elicits the issue and when getting clear on the effect it has on your performance the leverage to deal with it in individual coaching is enhanced.

The tools used in coaching then clears the connection in you to earlier memories connected to the same feelings, leaving you cleared and free to act in more healthy ways in the future. The integration part of the coaching allows you to sense the shift in similar situations stepping into the future and seeing/feeling yourself handle it from this new perspective, free from old limiting beliefs and stuck feelings.

Follow up calls then supports the consciousness around the steps taken and works as a reminder/pathfinder to the goal of the program in total, especially regarding the link between person and profession.


Workshops designed to elicit emotional issues at both company, work group and personal level.

The setting of the workshop was done in a way that supported authenticity, consciousness as well as creativity and effectiveness using Conscious Leadership Presentation and Genuine Contact Programs models for communication. Topics dealt with were, Company History, as a foundation for discussions about Company Climate, Organisational Maturity, Purpose, Values, Assumptions, Structure and Behaviour patterns etc., all facilitating the group itself to elicit a description of a healthy future scenario to work towards together.


To support each individual in their personal development and clearing the issues elicited at the workshop, a private session was offered after each workshop. The coach was also available in-between the workshops with follow up and continued coaching over the phone.

NB: If the management levels of the group/company is doing the same deep personal development work, extra support for in-between meetings/coaching is recommended.


The approach of the program is very non-analytical and straightforward, you get quickly to the “heart of the matter” which is key for a deeper understanding and true possibility for positive change.

The participants are encouraged to expose themselves emotionally in a warm and protective environment. What comes out when the “weapons are down” is very genuine and potent material to work within the group as well as on individual level.

What may seem to each participant as subtle discoveries and changes are actually large shifts in consciousness and the foundation for new, more constructive patterns outside the old limiting comfort zones.


The themes presented below are 3 out of many possible when custom designing Conscious Leadership Programs.

The pilot group, 5 persons, participated as a whole group in both Step 1 – setting of frames and themes – as well as the following workshops.

Regarding participants in Step 1: If the same scenario as below would take place in a company with bigger and more groups involved, representatives from the management and the employees from each department involved in up-coming program would be able to define frames and themes for the whole company. Recommended minimum group, 5-10 participants.


Pilot Program – Business Plan Support at Turnils Market Support, Sweden

Step 1
Half a day workshop, December 2010
Diagnose / setting the frames and themes for the following modules

Full group or representatives from management and departments involved in program.

Step 2 – 4
Day 1, half a day workshop
Day 2, individual coaching
Monthly during January-March 2011

Workshop on decided themes followed the next day by individual coaching sessions, 1.5-2 h

Themes decided by this pilot group;
Step 2 – Passion, What am I passionate about doing?
Step 3 – Abundance, Go from belief in lack to one of prosperity and possibility
Step 4 – Community, On all levels – within self, the group and the bigger collective/ whole company

Step 4 also included an evaluation of the pilot in total.

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