LER: providing roadmaps to full leadership potential

LER: providing roadmaps to full leadership potential

The LER Leadership Excellence Report provides a clear roadmap to full leadership potential. In this post, Maria Ines, Head of Production at Bayer AG in Germany, shares her experience.

“My coach Astrid Gerhard-Kraemer recommended that I did a LER Leadership Excellence Report with Iris Patricia Furer; I was curious but didn’t know what to expect. The exercise itself, answering the questions and ranking statements was fun and light… but then the insights so incredibly interesting, personal and actionable! And all unpacked in an analysis session, where Iris and my coach facilitated the translation of the results to my development needs.

I would recommend the LER Leadership Excellence Report to anyone looking for a clear roadmap to their full leadership potential.”

Maria Ines, Head of Production, Bayer AG, Germany

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if you are interested to learn more about this Leadership Excellence Report LER, click here to download the example, or get in touch with Iris Patricia Furer, our LER – Expert.