Finland and France latest additions to STOP the Food Fight! team


Interest in our highly successful workshops addressing unhealthy eating habits has grown rapidly during 2012. The STOP the Food Fight! workshop is now being offered in 5 languages in 9 countries in Europe, North America and Africa. Latest additions to the team are Finland and France.

To understand why a leadership company is offering workshops addressing eating issues, it’s important to understand that the base premises for unhealthy eating are the same as for any other unwanted habits that appear impossible to break. With this in mind, the techniques used at the SFF workshop are equally applicable for any type of unwanted behavior.

The same tools are used in our leadership workshops such as CLW – the Conscious Leadership Workshop, applying these techniques to issues typically found in organisations and leadership, such as underperformance, procrastination, passive-aggressiveness, mediocrity, lack of clarity, etc.

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