CLW - the Conscious Leadership Workshop


“I am, therefore I lead!”

Leadership is unavoidable in your daily life. You lead, by the example you set with your behaviour, your attitude and your words. You lead by being a direct influence on those you come into contact with. You lead as a parent, as a life parent or spouse. You lead as a family member, as a friend or an associate. You lead as a teacher, a team head or a coach.

Leadership is not just for CEO’s or politicians or the figureheads of large, powerful organisations – it is for YOU!

You are already a leader, so will you lead consciously or unconsciously? Will you decide that your influence should be positive, constructive and purposeful, or will it be a random series of encounters with unsure, purposeless outcome? Will you take action to uncover and develop the natural, innate leadership capacity that resides within each of us?

And YES, we do all have an extraordinary, innate leadership potential. For most of us it simply remains hidden deep inside, covered over by a lifetime of negative conditioning and fearful struggle. It stays as a latent possibility, never fully experienced or expressed because of the ways in which we have been instilled with the traps and limitations of others – their unhealthy beliefs, rules and perceptions about the world and about us – and that is a tragic shame, a complete waste of talent and wisdom that the world could surely do with right now.

In this two-day, practical workshop you will have the opportunity to uncover that leadership greatness and start putting it into action in life. You will get some profound insights into your own habitual behaviours, and those of others, and you will learn cutting-edge transformational skills that you can use moving forward in life to expose and develop your capacity as a true and authentic leader – as an exemplar of positivity, possibility and influence.

The 2-day workshop may be attended separately or as an introductory seminar to the Visionary Leadership Programme with Kevin Billett and Bet Diening-Weatherston.



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