Experience how to effectively deal with stress, burnout, anxiety and depression

Are you one of those men who regularly feels worried, stressed or depressed – and maybe prefers not to admit it? Do you get tense thinking about what ‘might’ go wrong at work or in your private life – making you insecure? Are the demands of ‘being a man’ taking their toll? Do you generally feel tired or fed-up, and have you lost touch with the joy of day-to-day life?

The Out of the Blue for Men 2½-day seminar is, like it says, for men only. It will help you discover the underlying causes of these unhealthy patterns, habits or life experiences by revealing the factors, circumstances and male conditioning that can be involved.

Men: you are not alone

Around 359 million people worldwide (source: World Health Organization) suffer from depression and emotional shutdown. In fact, anxiety is the number one mental health issue in North America currently, with 65% of the population taking prescription medications on a daily basis to purposefully alter their emotions and moods! And in Sweden, for example, 13% of men have been diagnosed with depression at some point in their life (and that figure is 24% for women!).

Anti-depressants can limit the extremes of the emotional roller coaster for some people, but those who take them are often left in a haze, feeling numbed out or disconnected emotionally.

The ultimate cost of emotional shutdown

As boys, we often learn at an early age to keep our emotions in check, under wraps or hidden, and that it’s better to keep feelings or emotions at bay. We are taught to toughen up, to be “men”. Childhood traumas, too, even seemingly innocent ones that we have conveniently pushed to the back of our minds, are also known to be an unconscious source of emotional shutdown – the root cause of our pain – which can lead to depression.

On top of that, a host of beliefs (as well as belief systems) are usually hardwired into young males at an early age, influencing our sense of who we are, what we may or may not do, and defining our place in the world – our value as a man, as a human being.

A hands-on seminar for men – with no holds barred

The Out of the Blue for Men seminar shows you how to let go of past events that have shut you down, kept you anxious, worried or feeling depressed. It is designed to help you get to the root cause of emotional shutdowns that may have led to depression in your life, and free you from any further unhealthy emotional patterns. You will uncover the truth about what set up your compensatory behaviours in the first place, which beliefs have kept you locked in repetitive and disempowering patterns since then, and which specific emotions you’ve been doing your best to ignore or avoid.

After this 2½-day event you will be open to the energy, passion and joy of life once again. So join us at this men-only seminar where anything and everything can be said, asked and understood!

Light in the Heart of Darkness

Kevin Billett, creator of the event ‘Out of the Blue’ and CEO of The Journey, is married to Brandon Bays – the original founder of the work. He has been a key figure in the development of The Journey and its method since the mid-1990s.

Kevin suffered from chronic depression for more than 20 years until he used The Journey’s tools to discover its root cause and finish with the pattern completely. He is a living example of liberation from depression, and has lived depression free, with a sense of joy and deep fulfilment, since 1994.
In his book, Light in the Heart of Darkness, Kevin does more than tell his own story. This Amazon best-seller is a real handbook that describes the methods he used, setting out the work in detail so that others can try it for themselves. On his website https://www.kevinbillett.org/ you can download a free eBook version to gain a deeper understanding of how we work with depression, anxiety, burnout and stress. There are also free guided meditations by Kevin that can be downloaded, too.

Make the decision now – give yourself this gift!

Using specially designed techniques and process work from The Journey, the Out of the Blue for Men 2½-day seminar offers you the very real possibility of becoming aware of – and shifting – what set up the causes of stress, burnout, anxiety and depression in the first place.

You will learn how to uncover and clear these unhealthy behaviours, beliefs and suppressed emotions once and for all, giving you access to the full range of your emotions. Once you feel free to express them in a conscious way, you (and others) will experience how much more authentic you are – more ‘who you really are’.

Decide, now, to support yourself and give yourself this gift of finally finding your way out of the blue.

At Out of the Blue / MEN you will learn:

  • Why stress, burnout, anxiety and depression are so common in today’s world
  • The real (underlying) causes of these unhealthy states
  • What depression IS and is NOT
  • What social conditioning is, how it plays out for us as men, and the impact it has on your emotional and physical health
  • How to manage overwhelm, sleep distress, fatigue, worry, hurt, negative self-talk, exhaustion (including burnout), moodiness, panic attacks and more…
  • How to clear out unhealthy beliefs, habits and conditioning that have caused you to shut down, pull back and miss out in life
  • Strategies to have more natural energy, confidence, joy and happiness in your life

Graduates of Out of the Blue say:

Simple and practical applications to clear depression
“It’s a very different way of looking at the issue of depression. Anyone that has ever had to deal with depression, or deal with a loved one that is suffering from depression, knows that you are told there is only a way to manage it rather than clear it or heal it. This seminar’s teachings give hope to a previously hopeless situation and provide a roadmap on how to find real freedom from within… this could literally be life-saving.”
Skip Lackey
On the second day of the seminar, I felt completely renewed
“Before the seminar I wasn’t able to handle my emotions well. I couldn’t even express them, let alone deal with them. And I had a constant ache in my stomach. This situation was getting worse all the time. I needed permission just to feel angry or upset. Already on the second day of the seminar, I felt completely renewed – like something fundamental had happened. And I loved working with the other delegates, seeing things from both sides. This role play was an important take away for me.”
Lars Berglund
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