Iris Patricia Furer

“All sustainable success is built on personal performance. I have got to know Iris as the catalyst to help me build this sound and stable basis for performing at my personal best, and in line with my best self. Her unique talent in helping people dig as deep as needed into any issues or perceived barriers, and resurface same yet different, at the “next level”, helping people to access, unfold and live their personal potential is something that I greatly appreciate and admire.”
Petra S., Head of Global Marketing

Welcome! My name is Iris Patricia Furer, and I am passionate about working with women entrepreneurs and female C-level executives, who seek clarity, connection and new inspiration in times of transition, who want to feel energized, fulfilled and passionate about what they do and who they are.

Together we go beyond using traditional coaching methods. We will work with my proven Inside-Out approach, which includes a powerful, value-based evaluation tool called profilingvalues. The insights resulting from this will create the base for our coaching collaboration and provide a clear starting point for your desired transformation.

Feeling e.g. demoralized, lost, overwhelmed or stuck will turn into clarity, empowerment, and feeling at peace and in alignment with yourself. You will walk your talk with positive intent, focus and impact.

Check out this free resource: Get instant relief from Stress & Tension, and book your free Clarity Call with me to find out more.

City: Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Languages: English, German, Dutch
Profession: Transformation Specialist, business economist FH
Skype: iris.furer
Mobile: NL: +31 (0)6 46 62 28 03