A Powerful Combo:
Coaching & profilingvalues

Presented by Iris Patricia Furer, CLC Partner and licensed master for profilingvalues, and her client, a global female executive, with over 25 years of experience in international organisations and various management and leadership positions.

Dear Reader,

The aim is to give you a real-case-example of how transformational coaching, using profilingvalues analysis as a starting point, and to measure progress, supported a client of mine from a diagnosed burnout onto her new and healthy path forward. It improved her wellbeing and outlook on life, and positively affected her private and professional life. She kindly offered to share a few personal words with you at the end of this report, which I happily pass on to you.

My client took the online profilingvalues questionnaire in order to find out where she really stood, to get clarity and a solid base for the coaching goals and for her focus on a healthy way forward. The first profilingvalues analysis took place at the beginning of 2019. And we measured her coaching progress 10 months later.

Transitions in life can be very disruptive, causing pain and stress. Read a client’s experience about her powerful transformation, and her progress captured with profilingvalues.

Profilingvalues is an excellent tool to establish the starting point and to measure the coachee’s progress over time, as a result of the transformational coaching.

Reasons and goals for transformational coaching

My client is a highly educated and experienced executive at the international level. At one point she found herself in a new and difficult stage of life that she had never experienced before. It felt strange, stressful and uncomfortable for her, yet she kept up as best as she could, which caused a lot of energy drain. That is when we met. A lot had happened over a short period of time in the months beforehand.

She had had a big change in career, relational challenges at work, loss in the near family, an unexpected and shocking burnout diagnosis, and eventual loss of her job due to reorganisation.

The aim of our coaching collaboration was to support her through that highly disruptive transition, to improve her physical and emotional wellbeing, and to establish a healthy balance of self-care, and professional re-engagement.

Basic understanding of profilingvalues

To keep it simple, you will get to have a look at an extract from page 7, the spider chart, from both her profilingvalues basic reports.

The first profilingvalues (Spider Chart A) took place at the beginning of 2019, and the second one (Spider Chart B), to measure her coaching progress, took place towards the end of 2019, ten months after we had started our coaching work together.

The spider charts provide an overview of the profilingvalues analysis results, and are thus ideal for this purpose.

PS: For your reference, and for a better understanding, you may want to download an example of a profilingvalues report.

The blue line (see basic understanding box above) represents the abilities (the skill) of a person. They are built and grow over time through upbringing, school, education, training, work and life experience. The blue line takes time to grow, and diminishes slowly. The latter happens in cases of mobbing, burnout, problems at work, seeking new orientations in life.

The orange line represents the person’s awareness (the will) of those abilities. In other words, it shows how much energy flows, and how big the focus is in that specific area. It is more volatile than the blue line, and it works like a pendulum: the more energy and awareness there is, the more it opens up towards 100%. The less energy and focus, the more the orange line gives way. To use another picture: we open our shutters up, and we do more of what we know and like. Or we let the shutters down, and we withdraw and wait.

Spider Chart A: profilingvalues results BEFORE the coaching

Overall, we can see, that my client’s skills (blue line) are high to very high in most of the areas. It is a well-balanced picture, almost round.

What attracts our immediate attention is the orange line, the will, or in other words, the awareness of the relevant ability. We remember that the more the orange line is open towards 100%, the more energy flows. And what we see immediately are the very low scores for Personal Needs, Stability/Resilience, Practical Thinking and Solution-oriented Attitude. It was almost painful to see, black on white, how much my client had started to withdraw completely and isolate herself, not only from others, but also from herself. This became even more obvious in the conversation that we had during the analysis.

Even though it was a bit of a shock to have to face and admit that to herself fully, it was at the same time a very healing revelation. She acknowledged that it was high time to roll up her sleeves, and full heartedly commit to change. And this is what she did.

Spider Chart B: profilingvalues results AFTER the coaching

Let me ask you, what do you see? What jumps out, what difference do you see?

The transformation that has happened in her as a person, in her life around her, is remarkable. This spider chart above reflects the amazing personal transformation, the powerful resurrection and self-empowerment of my client.

Look at the orange line. It has completely opened up. She consciously chooses to take care of herself and her needs. She now takes full responsibility of what she needs. She told me, that nowadays it is much easier for her to speak her truth, even when it feels uncomfortable. She chooses to stand strong in her values, and to what she believes and feels is the right next step.

Her abilities (skills) represented by the blue line, have expanded and grown back, again. Her skills were never lost. Because she took care of herself, her energy and joy came back, and so did her abilities come back to life. It is a real blessing to see her thrive, and stand up as a person and woman.

There is more to be done on the professional front. That is why she chose to continue with the coaching on a regular basis. She applies the tools she learned during the coaching to help her deal with challenges in a healthy way as they come.

Here is what my client has to say, a global executive with over 25 years of experience in international organisations and various management and leadership positions

“I am grateful that life brought Iris and me together and that even though I did not know it beforehand, the transformational approach she uses is exactly what I needed. The journey has been challenging but I really wanted to understand how to move forward in this new phase of my life. Doing the profilingvalues procedure online, first, and then seeing the results, was what made me realize that I wanted to pursue this path with Iris. Over the months of working together, I became more aware of the obstacles that were holding me back personally and professionally given my experiences. I forgave myself, and others, and let go.

The positive results and impact on my life and my confidence have been amazing. The trusted, confidential and safe way in which Iris works has been and is so liberating and important for me."

"I am proof that this approach can truly transform one’s life. Yes, it requires commitment, time and emotional investment, and otherwise. And the gift is that it has lifted me to a place where I have been able to tackle challenges in an authentic and honest way. I now carry and use my ‘tools’ to keep moving forward in my journey in a healthy and effective way. It has changed my life, my relationships, and my sense of self-worth for the better. Moreover, it made me so much more honest with myself, using my voice to speak my truth on many fronts to get to a much more clear perspective on both my personal and professional goals. I feel energised, joyful and in alignment with myself, and my chosen new career path." –September 28, 2020

"Given the amazing work that I have been doing with Iris,
I would highly recommend her.” 

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