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Sustainably healthy organisations are our core business. And healthy organisations require healthy leadership. The business drivers for this are easy to identify and translate into numbers.  More »

We support you in developing both traditional metrics and other aspects of your business

Typical results of partnering with us in your development include improved turnover, profit, productivity, and time to market, as well as reduced employee absenteeism, increased creativity in individuals and teams, improved quality, a clearer business alignment at all levels, and authentic leadership based on whatever is needed in the moment. More »

« Das Conscious Coaching hat mir Mut gemacht, mir zu vertrauen und meinen Kopf-Bewohner, den ewigen Kritiker, nicht zu verdammen, sondern seine positiven Eigenschaften zu entdecken und zu nutzen. Das empfinde ich als eine grossartige Bereicherung – beruflich wie privat.»
S.F. / CH-Feusisberg, Beraterin, Selbständigerwerbend

« The Conscious Coaching gave me the courage to trust myself and to not condemn my « head resident », the eternal critic, instead to discover its beneficial characteristics and how to use them. I perceive that as a great gain - both professionally and personally.»
S.F. / CH-Feusisberg, Counselor, Self-Employed

« Primero que nada, me encantó el poder tener el coaching en mi idioma materno, el Español. What I liked first of all is the fact that I could take the coaching in my mother tongue, Spanish. »
Claudia Leveque, Marketing Communication Manager, Bayer CropScience

« The conscious coaching program stopped me from getting a burn-out - at the very last moment. »
Arianna Martelletti, , Bayer CropScience

« Recognizing and understanding where certain (leadership) behaviors come from, helps in everyday life to a significantly better understanding of oneself and others.»
G. F. – delegate of CLW , Company-owner, Self-Employeed/Freelancer

« Das Erkennen und Verstehen, woher gewisse (Führungs-)Verhaltensweisen kommen, verhilft im Alltag zu einem bedeutend besseren Verständnis für sich selber und andere.»
G.F. – Teilnehmerin am CLW, Firmen-Inhaberin, Selbständig/Freelancer

« I found the Visionary Leadership program to be a profound experience that has helped me remain calm and "in the moment" in times of crisis. »
Graeme King, Director and Senior Counsel, National Defence Regulations Section, Department of Justice

« The Visionary Leadership series has been transformational for me both professionally and personally. I am particularly aware of having picked up two key tools that I put into practice every workday.»
Carole Willans, Legal Counsel, Intergovernmental and External Relations Policy Sector , Justice Canada

« Our growth rate is picking up again, while our total profit to date has risen from 7% to about 14%, which is above the target I set for 2011/12. Personally, I have more time for strategic development now that my team leaders and their respective operations are more self-sustaining.»
Mathias Ivarsson, CEO, SiteDirect Professional Web Solutions

« We have decreased our average production time by approximately 25-30%.»
David Svensson, CEO, Standout Solutions

« CLC is effective as it addresses the issues that lie between personal and professional […] The result is that I feel I am communicating and listening to my colleagues in a better way. ...»
Fred Wikman, Product Manager, Turnils

« We need to develop our goals for the company to make them clear and understandable to all. This applies to both economic goals and other success factors such as employee satisfaction, quality and identity.»
Mathias Ivarsson, CEO, SiteDirect Web Solutions

« More clear communication - I have been interrupted a lot and finally had the courage to say; Please let me finish. This is more effective than I imagined. Everyone so far has started listening to me. ...»
Anette Ryman, Marketing Co-ordinator , Turnils

« The approach of the program is very non-analytical and straightforward, you get quickly to the “heart of the matter” which is key for a deeper understanding and true possibility for positive change. ...»
Jonas Thelandersson, Marketing Manager, Turnils

« I feel more relaxed in stressed situations and I more often feel the joy spread in my body.»
Henrik Svensson, Product Manager, Turnils

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