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Mathias Ivarsson, CEO SiteDirect Professional Web Solutions

We contracted Lars Hornborg to help us bring some order to the management work in our company. We are growing rapidly and the Executive Team needed to be developed towards a shared vision, direction, discussion climate and values. This was apparent in our financial statements, with low profitability in some of our lines of business.

Lars conducted a series of workshops with us. What we quickly discovered was how our own leadership so strongly affects the areas that we aren’t happy with. So we set improvement goals and identified what in ourselves we needed to develop to facilitate this. We also learned how we as leaders can better support employees in being the best possible resources based on what they are like as people. In addition, we received concrete tools to communicate better – really communicate, rather than just giving orders. Finally, we did a really good exercise on values, vision and roadmap. This resulted in a new mission statement – Creating Tomorrow’s Way of Doing Business.

The practical results of this work is that the members of the management team now play well together, communicate clearly and constructively, driven by the shared vision, and thus keep the same direction. The roadmap that we developed during the workshops last year still holds, and the future looks really bright! The part of the business that wasn’t profitable before is now profitable. Our growth rate is picking up again, while our total profit to date has risen from 7% to about 14%, which is above the target I set for 2011/12. Personally, I have more time for strategic development now that my team leaders and their respective operations are more self-sustaining.

And above all, we are now walking side by side thanks to our shared vision – Creating Tomorrow’s Way of Doing Business!

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